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  • Please check the technical report at the beginning.
  • The live one account, filed in advance, and this EA is capable of running at least one demo account.

price USD499.99

"About the fees and risks associated with investment"
Our product does not guarantee that the profit similar to the author comes out.
That it may conduct transactions in excess of margin, and also involves the price fluctuation risk and FX margin trading, we may incur losses in excess of investment in some cases.
Financial Instruments Business Kinkizaimukyoku length (Kinsho) Issue # 372
Trading commissions of traders will take the credit and FX trading.


Currency pair[USD / JPY]
Trading style [Day Trading]
Initial Margin - Dollar
Maximum Number of Positions 2
Maximum lot number 0.4 Other: report reference →
Use time foot H1
Maximum stop-loss 100
Take Profit 350
There are two opposite
Exhibition type MetaTrader automated trading system
There is use of other file
Notices demo account, live account both the password for running is required.

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